Lesson to learn — even the law needs to stay above the law.

Under certain circumstances, we might sometimes want to solve something in the "old school" way, but here's proof that it still never turns out well. According to courant.com, this is how this story goes down:

Two Connecticut State Troopers no longer have their jobs with the State Police. The reason? They have been accused of assault and kidnapping and are looking at charges in connection with that.

Xavier Cruz and Rupert Laird were recently fired after the internal affairs division reviewed their case. The report says that Cruz and Laird have been charged with first-degree kidnapping, deprivation of rights by force or threat, and second-degree assault. They were arrested following an incident that occurred at Cruz’s house on Feb. 18., where another man reportedly had inappropriately touched a girlfriend of one of the officers at a party at Cruz's house the same month.

Allegedly, the man in question was beaten in the basement of the home.

No one should ever be touched inappropriately, and I also understand any persons desire to protect another human, especially a loved one. And certainly, the two officers were not on duty at the time, but my gut tells me that cooler heads need to prevail, especially when you have sworn to uphold the law.

Cruz and Laird are both scheduled to return to court Nov. 13, and we'll be sure to follow up.

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