It's been almost 20 years since we first heard the famous phrase "The rent is too damn high", turns out, it's true, especially in Connecticut. Two of our biggest cities have just been listed among the Worst Places to Rent in America 2024.

My wife and I figured out in 2020 that we needed to get out of our rental in Waterbury, and get into our own place. Our rent had increased by $100 every year, and the housing market was just starting to get pandemic-insane. We got lucky, the rent around Connecticut has increased since then, with no cap in sight. has just released Best & Worst Places to Rent in America (2024), where they've compared 180 of the largest rental markets in America across 21 key measures of rental attractiveness, and quality of life. Some of the factors taken into consideration include rental vacancies, average square footage, average rental insurance premium, cost of living, security deposit limits, the city's job market, quality of schools, safety, weather, and recreation-friendliness.

New Haven's Cultural Offerings Make The City An Attractive Destination
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Take a bow New Haven, you're tied with 5 other cities at the bottom of the "Affordable Rental" category. Bridgeport landed near the bottom of the Rental Market & Affordability category also. has ranked New Haven at #150, and Bridgeport at #160 out of 180 rental markets across the United States. New England only had a couple of representatives near the top "Best of" part of's study in Maine and New Hampshire.

At the top? Bismark, North Dakota, Overland Park, Kansas, and Scottsdale, Arizona have been listed as America's Best Places to Rent in 2024.

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