A broad daylight robbery, on a busy street in Fishkill?

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That is what authorities are saying. According to Mid-Hudson News, 23 year-old Richard Lee, 19 year-old Kenneth Simmons and 23 year-old female Luz Resto are facing a variety of charges after an alleged crime on Main Street in a Village of Fishkill strip mall.

Metro News says the trio allegedly assaulted and robbed and unnamed victim around 9:30 am. The victim reportedly suffered facial lacerations as a result of the incident. Authorities also say the suspects took the victims cell phone and some money.

Reports say when the police arrived the suspects were already gone. After gathering information on the getaway vehicle and telling other officers to be on the lookout, other Fishkill officers were able to locate the vehicle with the suspects inside. All three suspects were taken into custody during the traffic stop.

Authorities say the arrests happened thanks to the joint efforts of officers from the Village and Town of Fishkill. The victim was also reunited with their belongings. Lee, Simmons and Resto are all facing felony charges of robbery, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon.

This incident is not the first run-in with the law for two of the three suspects. Richard Lee is on parole for previous felonies and Kenneth Simmons was on probation. Luz Resto reportedly knew the robbery victim.

You can't go to a strip mall in Fishkill at 9:30 in the A.M.? I don't want to go to a Fishkill strip mall but I want to know I can go to one without losing my cell piece and having my face slashed (allegedly).

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That's just wrong.

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