Season two of "Ghost Nation" on the Travel Channel debuts tomorrow night (Wed 4/21/20) at 8 pm ET/PT. Jason Hawes is the the co-host and leading paranormal investigator on the show and says he and his team worked with local police in Biglerville, PA who brought in "cadaver dogs" for the inquiry. Here Jason talks with the Ethan and Lou Morning Show about the episode titled "The Witching Tree," his background and the time he was granted access to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

To hear that the debut episode took two weeks to film in Pennsylvania is telling, this means the team got a lot more than they bargained for. You may remember Jason Hawes as the founder of TAPS and co-hosted the TV show "Ghost Hunters" where he worked alongside Grant Wilson. Jason's "Ghost Nation" team consists of Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango. The three trek around the world looking into paranormal anomalies, abandoned complexes and dig deep into chilling mysteries. Don't miss the new season and it's debut episode tomorrow night.

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