According to Channel 2 Action News out of Atlanta toxic fumes are the hottest thing in air travel right now. There report states that three airline crews out of Atlanta in the past year have needed emergency medical care after fumes on board made them sick.

The article also states that the air we breathe on a flight is drawn in by the engines but fully functional filters should make the air clean and safe. The crews said they experienced coughing, nausea and dizziness.

Air travel is one of the worst experiences in life and gets worse ever single day. This is an industry that knows full well they have us by the beans. Customer service and safety concerns fall on deaf ears. They know we need to get places and they are the ones who can get us there, so they just don't care.

UPDATE - United Airlines cremated the bunny rabbit that died mysteriously on one of their flights without permission. NOT JOKING.

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