Tomorrow (11/12/19) is "National Chicken Soup For the Soul Day." This is a day when we celebrate a series of books any one of us could have written in forty minutes on a cocktail napkin. On National Chicken Soup For the Soul Day, we are encouraged to "nurture our soul," whatever the hell that means, also to eat chicken soup.

I'm all for positive thinking. It's great, but let's cool it on the positive, chicken-related advice and ideas we get in these books. Isn't this all stuff we already know printed in paperback? I took the photo of that chicken book this morning, it's on the table in the kitchen here at the radio station. In fact, there is ALWAYS a chicken soup for the soul book on the kitchen table here at the radio station. Someone loves this book series and orders them in multiples and there are ALWAYS several copies available for us to take if we wish.

I don't know who's behind the chicken books, but they can stop now. If someone accidentally ingests any toxic chemicals here at the radio station, I will not call poison control and waste their time. I will induce vomiting by reading from "The Forgiveness Fix" episode of the never ending Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Maybe I'll read Chapter 10 titled: "I Forgive You, Mom." Ugh.

I'll celebrate Chicken Soup For the Soul Day tomorrow, but getting to the bottom of who here at the radio station is inundating us with their saccharine, chicken based messages. I will find that person, charge them with crimes against the written word and we will hold a trial in the conference room and live stream it in the WORLD WIDE WEB. Someone is about to be held accountable.

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