My God, when will it ever end? On the upside, more and more residents of Danbury are keeping a vigilant eye out for illegal activity. Another day, another story of drug possession and the alleged intent to sell on the streets of Danbury.

The Danbury Police Department issued a press release about three local men and the list of charges against them. 25-year-old Jeremy "Papo" Colon of Bethel, 23-year-old Robert Frey of Danbury, and 35-year-old Christopher Coursen of North Salem were charged with various counts after the culmination of a three-week investigation that was prompted by citizen complaints. It was believed that Colon and Frey were selling illegal drugs from an apartment on Harding Place in Danbury, as well as a vehicle.

Through investigation and surveillance, police say activity consistent with drug trafficking was detected, leading to search and seizure warrants.

The Danbury Police Department's Special Investigations Division, along with other agencies, seized Benzodiazepine pills (Xanax), Opiate pills (Oxycodone), and marijuana. Based on that, police arrested all three men.

Colon is being held on bond pending arraignment. Frey and Coursen were each released with a written promise to appear.

Kuddos to all of the departments, as well as the people of Danbury, working to rid the streets of drugs. Every bit helps.


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