What seems to be really big national news, has also become big local news.

United Technologies Corporation will reportedly hire an additional 35,000 people nationally, which will account for the addition of thousands of jobs locally at their Farmington, CT location.

NBC Connecticut TV reports that the company, UTC, will bring upwards of $15 billion in investments to the United States in the coming five years. Much of the funds and many of the jobs will be used for company research, development, and capital investments, according to UTC. They say their most rapid growth anywhere is here in the United States.

UTC currently employs over 200,000 workers around the world and 67,000 of them are in the US, with more than 18,000 of those workers here in Connecticut. Connecticut is actually the state that has seen the most job growth from within the company recently, having added 3,000 jobs here in just the last three years. It looks like they’ll add 2,000 more over the next five years in maintenance, production, and management positions.

As far as the future goes, UTC is doing the most hiring in Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia, in the manufacture of aerospace technology, and control systems, among other things.

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