This clown is at it again, earning top dollar for his owners while completely ignoring the fans of the sport. Issue #1 right now is that in under just two years he has allowed two NFL franchises to skip town on their fan base for sunny LA LA land. Now he has a third team, mine, the Oakland Raiders probably headed to Las Vegas.

As if all that were not enough he has the NFL schedule heading to a place where all the games are late afternoon and on. The Chiefs and Steelers game being moved from 1 o'clock to 8:20pm had as much to do with an ice storm as it did with unicorns clogging up the freeway. I can't claim to understand TV revenue but I can tell you I am not alone in hating the rapidly disappearing,1pm NFL game.

I am also not alone when I say that the Monday Night and Thursday night games are just terrible. The more they spread the schedule over the week, the more watered down they are. They put their best match ups on Sunday night, leaving the leftovers for Monday and Thursday. These games start later and later and only the fans lose out. The teams make buckets of money, play wherever in the TV landscape makes them even more money and they leave loyal fan bases at will.

This is the only business in this country that I can point to that makes it's fans chase the product. You want to watch your regional team on a Sunday on TV for free? You better hope that the team sold the game out or they will black it out. You have the audacity to be a fan of a team halfway across the country? You better back the bank truck up to the NFL offices in N.Y.C. cause it's expensive?

I know people are not ready to turn their back on the NFL yet but you can't treat your fans like this forever and expect them to stay. I poop on you Roger Goodell. I poop on you, the same way you poop on your fans.

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