The kids today all seem to love the TV show "Stranger Things." What they don't know is that their parents lived it, minus the monsters. Monsters would have been the least of our worries since our lives were more dangerous than that of an early pioneer practicing Manifest Destiny. We were explorers, hunters, pirates, maniacs invading towns and cities on bikes with our mouth packed with Bubble Yum and tough talk. Everything we did was dangerous, mean and downright exciting and none of it would fly in the P.C. self-righteous, shame-fest world we live in today.

Things Kids Did in the 80's That Would Spark Massive Outrage Today

Now that I think of it, now (COVID crisis) would be a great time to fire up that old school creativity and ingenuity we leaned on to get us through a boring day. It's time to go outside with a lighter, some candy, grab a good looking stick and see what's what. What can we get into today? I'm sure we will figure something out, it will be terrifying and awesome all at once.

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