Quick, what is your favorite movie shot?

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If you didn't say time lapse, I don't think we can be friends anymore, but I will accept the slow motion, tough guy walk, backed by the blues. Juddo112 understands the value of the time lapse video and the night sky over Connecticut. They captured a full-moon video and shared it to Youtube.

It may have taken hours to film it, but the end result was a pretty sweet 0:12 that was posted on May 10, 2022.

The same user caught a time lapse of the Big Dipper on May 31.

But my favorite video they've shared came on May 9, 2022 which was apparently crystal clear in Connecticut.

I like to look up when it seems many others are looking down at their phones. Even though I don't know the people that posted these, I can appreciate them. They see something worth looking-hard at, when they look at the sky.

I wonder what prompted this person to take a deeper look? Do they get asked "what are you doing" when they stop and stare at the sky? I know I do.

After I was done checking our juddo112's page, I stayed on-theme looking for more videos like his, I wanted to know what other time lapse videos were there of CT. A user named dopeybowl caught some footage on Case Mountain back in 2016 and had some fun with the editing.

Watch the snow grow in the Avon, CT backyard of Alex Sauerbrunn.

See Tom Kaszuba's relaxing time lapse video of Mohegan Lake in Norwich, CT.

Jeff Campbell Photography captured some beautiful colors in a video he posted to Youtube in January titled: "Time lapse Connecticut."

Here's another from Jeff Campbell that is downright majestic. Yes, I used the word majestic.

Finally, a hometown favorite from, just down the road here in New Milford. This was posted to Youtube by Peter Hollister in 2017.

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Danbury Area Residents Showoff Their Recent Moon Photos

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