If you have any questions, or wondering what's going on in Connecticut since marijuana is now legal, there's a new website that can tell you exactly what's happening in the state.

Connecticut has now launched a new website with the sole purpose of giving residents the latest information about what's happening in the state in regards to adult cannabis use.

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As of July 1, adult cannabis became legal in Connecticut, and for the next few years, as local retail sales moves forward, there will be important info listed for consumers and interested business owners.

According to patch.com, Connecticut's Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Michele H. Seagull says the site will contain information about the licensing and application process, as well as information and laws that will be in effect for the general public. The state says it's fully committed to keeping the transition completely transparent with the most up to date information on this ongoing process.

Retail sales of cannabis is not expected to start until the end of 2022 as prospective business owners must go through a strict licensing process. There will also be a new Social Equity Council formed to provide information and guidance and work as a liaison between perspective business owners and lawmakers. Social Equity applicants will be eligible for assistance on workforce training, startup costs, and licensing fees.

You can check out the new website just by clicking HERE. 

Governor Ned Lamont released this statement to Connecticut residents through the site.

The states surrounding us already, or soon will, have legal adult-use markets. By allowing adults to possess cannabis, regulating its sale and content, training police officers in the latest techniques of detecting and preventing impaired driving, and expunging the criminal records of people with certain cannabis crimes, we’re not only effectively modernizing our laws and addressing inequities, we’re keeping Connecticut economically competitive with our neighboring states.


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