I love some Conor Mcgregor, anyone who knows me, knows this. I bought the hype on the Mcgregor v. Mayweather fight and came out disappointed. I'll likely watch the next fight and buy the hype. The fight game for me is more about the hype, the trash talk and the build up than it is about the fight. So Mcgregor is cool with me.

The problem is, every single time I click on an article to read about what Conor Mcgregor is up to I have to look at his wang. Watching Mcregor's videos or checking his Instagram is like walking through an authentic Italian deli that hangs their finest cured meats from the ceiling.

I'm not the first to point this out. Ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather, the NY Post did a piece on Conor's piece. There are many other articles about it that are much funnier but I don't think my company would appreciate me putting the links here. I'm not sure they are going to even appreciate me writing about this. I'm conflicted about it myself.

Jimmy "bologna bags" over here. Sir, you have an erection on TV, like everyday. Put some pants on everyone can see all your business Con! Cool it on the privates champ, you're scaring the kids.

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