Stink bug, they're ugly, obnoxious and smelly but are they dangerous?

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Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than you might think. While they are not known to sting or bite and they don't spread illness, they can wreak havoc. According to Big Blue Bug, stink bugs "are so invasive, and their numbers can grow out of control once an infestation is established. This, combined with their gross odor, makes them difficult and also disgusting to remove."

So, these bugs aren't just here to make bug farts and look gross, but they "invade" and can grow "out of control" as they establish a foothold in your home. Wonderful, what is next? They move in, in record number and before I know it, they are sitting in my chair? They are wearing my favorite sneakers, taking my lady to the movies?

If you'd like to prevent all of this from happening, BBB says to prevent stank ass bugs you should:

  • Plant any gardens, as far away from your home as possible.
  • Point your outdoor lights away from your windows and doors because the light attracts them, and they think there is a Motel 6 vibe happening.
  • Fix broken screens and close any openings in your house. Like the spot where Lester drove the ATV into the living room.
  • Keep your yard neat and trimmed AKA Shave ye Bush.
  • Avoid Excess Moisture, plumbing problems and puddles.

FUN FACT: The most common Stank-ass bug (Stink Bug) in CT is the "Brown Marmorated Stink Bug."

NO SO-FUN FACTS: As the weather gets colder, more and more of these bugs will attempt to live in your home rent-free. When they do get in during the winter, they hide in your walls and under your flooring so good luck ever sleeping again. Seal your dome up with the quickness, because that chill is on its way.

I'll tell you what I've had it with, are those fruit flies. I've officially banned all fruits in my home. We are on a strict candy and bagels diet.

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