Did you know that the top 100 most expensive zip codes in the US are in only 12 states? Connecticut is one of them. Three zip codes in Connecticut have landed in Realtyhop.com's Top 100 Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes for 2023. The average Median price for a house in all three? Over $2,000,000.

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We all know from living here already, the closer you are to Money-Making Manhattan, the more you have to make to live there. There are no surprises, Naugatuck didn't make the list, neither did your precious Wilton, or Ridgefield. No, Connecticut's most expensive zip codes are rooted in old money, along the Gold Coast in Fairfield County.

The Three Most Expensive Zip Codes in Connecticut For 2023

Three Connecticut zip codes have landed in the top 100 most expensive zip codes in all of the United States. Yes, they're all on the Gold Coast in Fairfield County. Bring your trust fund, the average median list price is over 2 million dollars in each of these.

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This is not a home, it is a friggin palace. What do you do with a house like this? You invite people over to remind them you’re better than they are. You have massive parties; you pay strangers to take care of all the grounds and you beg people to live with you so you’re not lonely. This home is a statement, and the statement is I wanted to buy the Playboy mansion, but someone beat me to it.  Check out the unbelievable former Connecticut home of Tommy Hilfiger.  

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