The Force is strong with the Williams family...

There's one person in the Star Wars franchise that may be the most important of them all yet it's one you've never seen. His name is John Williams and he's the composer responsible for one of the most iconic movie themes in cinema history. In fact, Williams composed the score for all of the featured Star Wars film including the most recent one Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

As if composing the music of Star Wars isn't enough to solidify his place in Hollywood history John Williams has scored the music for a few other films you may be familiar with such as Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Superman (1978), E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the first three Harry Potter films.

It turns out that the apple doesn't fall far from the musical tree either. John's son Joseph Williams is an extremely talented musician in his own right and just happens to be the singer of a very famous classic rock band called Toto. Ever hear of them? I thought you did. Joseph replaced Toto's original singer Bobby Kimball from 1986 to 1989. After rejoining the band for a year in the late 90s Joseph eventually returned to his role as Toto front man in 2010 and has remained there since.

Check out Joseph Williams in a recent performance with Toto singing their classic hit "Hold The Line":

Every now and then the worlds of Joseph and John Williams collide and fortunately one of those moments was recorded by a fan. Here is a funny moment where Toto guitarist Steve Lukather informs the fans of Joseph's famous musical background. It turns out Joseph can not only sing but he can doe spot-on impressions too. This clip is from 2014.

WARNING/NSFW: You may not want to play this one at work as the guys use some choice expletives in this clip:

Now that is funny but, make no mistake, there's certainly no joke when it comes to the Williams' father/son talents. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll get a Toto/John Williams collaboration. How cool would that be to hear Toto classics sung by Joseph Williams with an orchestra conducted by John Williams? Maybe someday.

In the meantime we can continue to get our Williams fix in two ways. Toto is about to launch their 40th anniversary tour. If they come around this way you don't want to miss the show. We'll keep you posted of any future area dates featuring Toto and singer Joseph Williams. As for his famous father John we can tell you he has just recently signed on to compose the theme for the upcoming film on Han Solo called Solo: A Star Wars Story which is due out in May.

May The Force continue to be strong with John and Joseph Williams...

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