Maybe it's because I've watched the movie 'Moneyball' 800 times over the past few years, but the phrase 'Adapt or Die' that Brad Pitt uses to urge an old-timer to get with the new, is the first thing that popped into my head when I read that Barkhamsted's Pleasant Valley Drive-In is rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

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It's refreshing to see positive news about a Connecticut movie theater, right? This has been a rough year for fans overall, but it's been especially tough in Barkhamsted, where they lost both of their movie theaters over the past 6 months. The industry is in absolute turmoil with the concurrent strikes, but I just saw some great news - The Pleasant Valley Drive-In is teasing their comeback on their new website. is still live with a heartfelt thank you and goodbye message announcing the December 2022 sale of the property from it's former owner. You thought it was over, right? Me too, but if you click on the property's new website -, you will get a peek at what the new owners have come up with. It looks promising.

Not only will it still be a drive-in movie theater, but Pleasant Valley Marketplace - a farmer's market/antique fair/craft show will happen on Saturdays, and the new owners are putting out the feelers to car show promoters and food trucks on their new website. All good news, and the best part? It's not going to be turned into a Costco/Bj's/Walmart.

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