Let's hurry through this first part — the fist bump stops now. It's stupid. If nothing else, all it does is lead to an awkward false start. You come with the hand, he comes with the fist, then you reverse roles, and now, you have TRIED greeting each other twice and failed.

This failure belongs to the person who started with fist, by the way. Now, after two starts and stops, there is a conversation about how the two of you failed at a greeting that should've been so simple. THE FIST BUMP NEEDS TO GO!

Now we are back to basics, the way things were meant to be. We are back to the handshake only. How could this go wrong? Well, we are going to tell you how it could go wrong and what to do instead with the following demonstration:

Hope this helps. Ladies, you are on your own. I don't know what to tell you about your world.

What I have seen recently in our office is the ladies stand feet together in front of each other, look at one another up and down and then make a series of high pitched noises. I can't fix that. I'm way out of my area of expertise on that one.

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