All aboard the most relaxing mode of transportation you could imagine.

And only a stressful MTA train ride away.

Personally, nothing stresses me out more than public transportation. Taking the train down to the city is always a headache, then trying to find a cab or an uber always takes a little longer than you would like to admit.

Don't even get me started on the subway.

However, New York City is trying to make getting around the city a little more relaxing with the meditation bus.

According to ABC7 New York, this specific bus has been made into a soundproof vehicle with 15,000 LED lights to bring a calming atmosphere.

The idea for Be Time is the brainchild of Carla Hammond, who is a mother to two 4 year-old twins and was looking for an escaped. She was also inspired by the many food trucks she sees around the city.

Be Time, the name of the meditation bus, makes stops in different New York City neighborhoods daily. The ride/meditation classes are 15 minutes long and will run you about $11.

Can we get some meditation rides in Greater Danbury?

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