Since 1976, the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market offers just about anything you may be looking for or not looking for.

Every Sunday, right up to the last Sunday of the season on December 15, 'The Elephant's Trunk Country Flea Market' turns into a buyer and seller's paradise. Once you arrive and you're on the grounds, stop and look around. The chances are very good that you'll find something you must possess.

From harmonicas to eggplants, old typewriters to classic vinyl records, the choices are far-reaching plus there are food trucks on-site and porta-potties when nature calls.

Imagine if you will, everyone in your town going through their storage containers and attics picking out both personal and used household items to sell in one main location in town. That is exactly what the Elephant's Trunk is all about but on a much more grandiose scale. Thinking about becoming a vendor? Click this link.

Photo Credit - YouTube Video by SC TV

Some past items that have been discovered and scarfed up at the Elephant's Trunk are an Elvis Presley scrapbook, flowers, bottle collections, a snoopy and Woodstock thermos, stuffed animals, creepy dolls, along with hundreds of other items.

Before you head out, keep in mind that The Elephant's Trunk does not open if the weather is nasty and there are no pets allowed. To view everything else you need to know about this legendary flea market at 490 Danbury Road (Rte. 7 / 202) in New Milford, click on

Photo Credit - YouTube Video by SC TV