The massive rebuild of the I-84/RT.8 'Mixmaster' interchange in Waterbury has somewhat disrupted the lives of everyone who lives in the area. One particular part of the project that I've hated is the temporary closure of the Highland Avenue on-ramp to 84 Eastbound. Good news Town Plot, it's back.

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At some point over the past 5 years, it seems that every on-ramp and off-ramp through Waterbury has been moved, temporarily closed, or backed up due to a crash on the highway. The Highland Avenue on-ramp to 84 East runs along the side of Chase Park, and I always loved the view of downtown prior to the merge with 84.


I didn't mind the closure at first, but eventually I just wanted to get onto 84 after the Rt. 8 merge, I always felt like I was going to get sideswiped by someone coming off 84 to RT.8 South by the Chase Parkway on-ramp and the funeral home. People see you coming down that ramp from Highland Ave, and usually they moved over to the left lane before you merged, not at the Chase Parkway on-ramp.

I really feel sorry for you poor souls that have had to use the massive RT. 8 North to 84 East detour, the one that takes you through that temporary ramp behind Big Franks and the Grotto. There are many updates for the Mixmaster project available to you online at the these sites -, and

The other good news is, according to, we are near completion of the Rt. 8 North to 84 East bypass, it's completion date has been updated to June 2023.

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