The Pro Bowl, the NFL's All-Star football game took place yesterday. It is widely considered the worst of all the major sports all-star games. It's terrible because no one puts the slightest effort into anything. They put 0 effort for good reason, no one wants to get hurt and damage their teams chances next season.

The GRAMMYs do not have an excuse to mail it in, and yet that is what happens each and every year. They throw James Corden out there because he is, of course, hilarious, make a series of obvious and predictable jokes about Donald Trump, and then they smooch each other's rear-ends for four hours. To become a worse show than the Pro Bowl is really hard to do, but the GRAMMYs rose to that challenge last night. In case you were wondering, here are your results from two of the worst programming blocks in all of American TV:

PRO BOWL: AFC - 24, NFC - 23

GRAMMYs: Album of the Year - Bruno Mars, Record of the Year - Bruno Mars, Song of the Year - Bruno get it.

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