I don't care what you think of Donald Trump or his politics. This is not about politics for me -- this is about laughs.

If you like to laugh, then this is for you. Donald Trump pushed his way to the front of a photo-op with NATO leaders. When I say pushed, I mean PUSHED. Watch:

This cannot be made up. This is like the "what's your name again?" line times a million, on steroids, with an "F.U." as the exclamation point. That is the power move of all power moves. This push has got to be track 1, side 1 on the Donald Trump greatest hits album or I am not buying it.

I once watched a History Channel special on Presidential body language. It was amazing to me the amount of thought that goes into the subtleties of appearing the most powerful man in a room full of powerful people. These men, the leaders of the free world, literally practice these moves. They learn how to lead another leader through a doorway. The most powerful man goes through last, and to those not paying attention, it appears that way. They train on how to shake hands with world leaders and stand above the other in terms of appearance. Every move they make in these rooms is carefully choreographed and well though out. Not for Mr. President.

Donald J. Trump took that playbook, wiped his ass with it, set it on fire, threw it in the dumpster, and literally shoved this guy out of the way. Big cajones, hombre. The only thing he did not do was shout, "MOVE CLOWN!"

As I sit here, I can truly say in my 38 years on this Earth that that's one of the funniest things I have EVER seen.

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