Do you ever pull up next to someone with the exact same vehicle as you? It happens to me almost every day. I drive a Subaru Forester, and my God, Connecticut loves Subaru, Jeep, and Toyota. You know what all of you love driving even more? Neither did I, so I did some research.

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According to, the five most popular vehicles in America for 2024, so far, are:

  • #5 - Honda CR-V - 95,038 Units Sold
  • #4 - Tesla Model Y - 109,000 Sold
  • #3 - Toyota RAV4 - 125,000 Sold
  • #2 - Chevy Silverado - 127,500+ Sold
  • #1 - Ford F-Series - 153,000+ Sold

Connecticut? One out of those five made our Top 5 for 2024, according to They are:

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