Back in July multiple Connecticut law enforcement agencies responded to calls of a street takeover on Boston Post Road.

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Witnesses from Milford to West Haven told authorities they were caught in a swarm of approximately 300 Dirt bikes, motorcycles and ATV's, many of which appeared to be illegal. This problem has plagued the Nutmeg State the entire summer and now the FBI & CT State Police have launched an education campaign to combat the problem.

These are the things you need to know

What is a Street Takeover?

Street takeovers are pre-organized gatherings of large numbers of motorcycles, legal and illegal. After the motorcyclists meet they go mobile, overwhelming city/town streets riding in packs and weaving in & out of traffic. Riders intentionally slow the flow of traffic, swarm around unsuspecting drivers and perform tricks. The practice is obnoxious and dangerous for anyone caught in it.

What Should I Do if I'm caught in a Street Takeover?

The Connecticut State Police say the FBI has launched a tip-website that witnesses can use should they encounter a street takeover. In addition to tipping off the authorities, CSP says:

"If you come across a street racing area, stop, turn around and find an alternate route. Do not approach the individuals and call 9-1-1 immediately. These groups are extremely dangerous. Perpetrators that violate the laws and cause these dangerous situations or those that are active participants will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. If you witness any crimes or have evidence that a crime is or was being committed, please contact your local law enforcement agency to hand over evidence to detectives. Parents should be aware that a majority of the spectators are high school teenagers and conversations should be had to discuss the inherent dangers and consequences of these activities." 

Orange PD
Orange PD

Who is Taking Part in These Street Takeovers? 

Street takeover riders come from all walks of life and age groups but police are warning that this activity has become popular with teenagers. According to a recent WTNH report, authorities are asking parents to "be aware that a majority of the spectators are high school teenagers and conversations should be had to discuss the inherent dangers and consequences of these activities."

Are Street Takeovers Really a Big Problem in CT?

According to multiple reports, there have been street takeovers reported in the following cities/towns:

  • Hartford
  • Bethany
  • East Windsor
  • Meriden
  • Tolland
  • West Haven
  • Orange
  • Milford
  • Groton
  • Manchester
Orange PD
Orange PD

What's the Big Deal With Street Takeovers? 

Witnesses to the street takeovers have reported being intimidated with riders kicking and jumping on their cars. CT State Police Sargant Christina Jeltema told WTNH one rider was caught driving approximately 150 mph. Many riders are operating without proper license and registration. Riders are performing tricks they are not trained for, disrupting the normal flow of traffic and distracting other drivers. Riders are blatantly ignoring the rules of the road, running red lights, making illegal turns and darting in and out of lanes. It's a dangerous and illegal hobby that police are taking very seriously. If the FBI involvement didn't tip you off to the severity of the situation, I don't know what will.

I-95/Orange PD
I-95/Orange PD

What Happens If I Get Caught Riding in a Street Takeover? 

Authorities are investigating and prosecuting individuals that are said to be involved. One such person is 28 year old Justin Potts, police say Potts was involved in the July incident on Boston Post Road. The arrested him on July 19th and charged him with drinking while driving, reckless driving and operating an unregistered vehicle.

Orange PD/Suspect Justin Potts
Orange PD/Suspect Justin Potts

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