My daughter, Vida, is obviously a gifted and talented young lady. She is special. She functions at a higher level than most children of her age (1 month) and she will take those talents and be a huge success.

All of that being said, she's a baby. Babies do weird and annoying things. My wife Erica's current role in my daughter's life is to feed her. Vida wants to eat, and she wants to eat all the time, and mom has the goods. She is most content literally attached to mommy's boob.

I did not have a role for the first two weeks. She just had no interest in me. That has changed. Now, I can get Vida to sleep . There is a catch though. I have to be walking and talking.

It started out with me standing up and rocking back and forth -- that worked for awhile. Then, it morphed into constant motion. I had to literally walk laps around the inside of my house to make her sleep. Now, I not only have to walk constantly, but I have to talk while I do it. If I don't, she cannot relax, rest her eyes, and sleep.

The best part is, the first few minutes of this routine before she falls asleep, she actually focuses and listens to what I have to say. Look:

She even said to me later, "Why doesn't Dave stop asking questions in the meetings?"

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