Katie Thurston and Michelle Young were both announced as leads for upcoming "Bachelorette" seasons. We learned of the double crowning, on the finale of "The Bachelor" on ABC, and my brain has been haywire ever since.

According to People, Katie will be serve as "Bachelorette" in Season 17 and Michelle gets the honor for season 18. Katie's season airs in the summer and Michelle's follows in the fall.

I have questions, they are as follows:

  • Will they have to announce a "Bacehelorette" at all at the end of the next "Bachelor" season or is this announcement that announcement?
  • Does this mean that Michelle has to sit around in isolation until she can film her season?
  • If they were going to announce two "Bachelorettes," why couldn't they make it actually exciting by having them share the same season and field of men?

This is what happens when you try and cute with a simple formula. You, (ABC) were supposed to announce one "Bachelorette," that is what we expected and whatever name you called would have been news to us.

Instead, you have me trying to figure out, when seasons film, based on when they air. I also have to ask if an opportunity was missed here? What would a single season with two "Bachelorettes" look like? I can tell you this much, I would not miss one episode of that s--- show.

Hear me out, this is my plan:

You start with 40 men and the two "Bachelorettes."

The women alternate control over the rose ceremony. So Michelle gives roses to her favorite guys when she has the power and when it's Katie's turn she may be eliminating people that Michelle wants.

This goes on until they are down to eight men. When you have the eight men, you ask the ladies to pick which of the men they favor the most, hopefully they give the same name, if not you send them on "fantasy suites" with others man.

While they are away, the other 6 men battle to the death for a second chance card. Wait...this is crazy, this idea got out of hand and it's not my fault ABC, you did this!

The next time we ask you to pick a "Bachelorette," just pick one and be sure to choose the girl who swung a d--do around like a lightsaber on TV.

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