If you're interested in losing a month of your life, go check this out.

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These are actually available for pretty much every community in America and the service that makes the information available is LexisNexis. I was actually directed to it while on a Danbury, CT specific page.

It's not only fascinating to put your address in and see the crimes that have been committed in your community, it's pretty scary too. I dare you to try it. I punched in my address and found out some of the crimes that have been committed recently (allegedly). Here is the list below:

  • Theft - Larceny - 7/6/22
  • Theft - Larceny - 6/23/22
  • Theft - Larceny - 6/24/22
  • Theft - Motor Vehicle Theft - 7/4/22
  • Theft - Stolen Vehicle in Progress - 7/18/22
  • Burglary - Residential - 6/29/22
  • Robbery - Individual - 7/16/22
  • Theft - Larceny - 6/20/22
  • Theft - Larceny - 7/10/22
  • Theft - Larceny - 7/11/22
  • Burglary - Residential - 6/28/22

This is me scratching the surface. These are alleged crimes that are said to have taken place within blocks of my home. The lesson here is, if you want to keep your money, cars or items, don't live where I do because people will steal it. The good news is, if you search outside the Downtown Danbury area, the volume of crime drops way off. This is to be expected in any city, but it does not make me sleep any better.

Get to know your neighbors and use this software. I checked Bethel and there were very few, but I did find the robbery of an individual there on 7/16/22. New Milford has been virtually spotless recently. Another thing I found interesting, was that I accidentally scrolled too far in one direction and landed on Hamden, CT and that had a lot of activity.

There are two ways to look at this tool, you can say you're educating yourself and the more you know about your community, the better. The other side of that is, if you're a highly paranoid or anxious person, it may be better that you don't use it. Happy hunting, kiss the rest of your day goodbye.

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