Do you know why they call a gram of marijuana a 'Dimebag'? Because each package is filled with a gram of cannabis, which is worth around $10. If you want to know the price before you shop at one of our dispensaries, starting right now, you can look up what the average gram of cannabis is selling for in Connecticut on

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The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has announced that the price per gram of usable cannabis for both medical and recreational adult use will be published and updated regularly on Since Connecticut entered the recreational cannabis world just over a year ago, our Department of Consumer Protection has released a very detailed report each month on the previous month's sales. As of February 2024, the average price of a gram of cannabis in Connecticut stands at $12.28. The price per gram has steadily increased since August/September 2023, when the average price per gram in Connecticut hit it's lowest price of $9.51 per gram.

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It's interesting that in the first full year of adult-use cannabis sales in Connecticut, the average price per gram decreased the most in February/March 2023, from an all-time high of $12.32, shortly after the market opened up in January 2023, to $10.35 by March 2023. One year later in March 2023, and we're $2 more per gram than 2023.

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As of today, March 12, eleven adult-use, twenty-one hybrid (Adult/Medical), and two medical dispensaries are located across Connecticut. Most are concentrated in the greater Hartford area, with New London and Tolland County slowly catching up to the abundance along the 84/91 corridor.

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