My friends and I are stupid creatures ... we have beard-growing contests.

When the weather gets cold enough to freeze your fach, it's time to sprout some whiskers men. Every year, my friends and I have a beard-off. Typically, I'm in the middle of the pack, my white whiskers are no match for some of my younger friend's dark forest mutton-chops.

There's something primal about growing a beard. Makes you want to do manly things like split a cord of wood, or sip a very strong alcoholic drink and grunt "yazaaahaaaa...good."

Well, as the beard-growing season drags on, it's good to get out and show off your proud whiskers men.

Grab your soul patch and walrus mustache and follow me to the CT Man Show, Sunday February 22nd at the O'Neill Center in Danbury.

We'll sit there and watch all of the latest manly gear roll by, while we itch our necks and mutter..."My beard will look good on that motorcycle".. We could all use some manly inspiration during these cold, dark month. Come join me.

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