There are many historic and legendary buildings in downtown Waterbury, and one that I spent quite a few months in during the 1990's is on the market again. You may not know it if I call it by the street address - 26 North Main Street, but you'll absolutely recognize it if I say it's the building Across from the Horse.

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Did your grandma take you to throw coins into the Carrie Welton Fountain too? The Brass Horse is one of Waterbury's most iconic landmarks, so much so that it was used to identify where you could find one of Waterbury's best restaurant/bars at the time. I knew it first as Across From the Horse, and then as The Brass Horse. It's a big building, and it's just been listed for sale by Showcase Realty, Inc. The price? Just under half a million dollars. Want to take a look at the interior? It still looks the same as you remember it.

The Building Across From the Horse in Waterbury is For Sale Again

The physical address is 26 North Main Street in Waterbury, but most of us will instantly recognize it as Across From the Horse, or The Brass Horse. It's on the market again, listed by Showcase Realty, and it still looks the same inside as you remember it.

Gallery Credit: Showcase Realty, Inc. via Facebook

My Appreciation For a Classic Piece of Art in Torrington

Creating something beautiful out of nothing is art. The old building on Torrington's Water Street is a church now, but what other church in this world do you know of that has a giant King Kong and all Three Stooges on it? It's fading, but I still appreciate the artist's work.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave

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