Alright you rock 'n' roll troublemakers it's back-to-school time. Heads up! Pay attention! Your first lesson of the fall semester is a very important one. Here are 9 things you need to learn about the greatest video ever made - Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher". Hope you brought your pencil.....and something to write on.

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    Schooled In Connecticut

    The "Hot For Teacher" video was directed by David Lee Roth and Pete Angelus who went by the name "The Fabulous Picasso Brothers". Roth and Angelus worked on most of the classic VH and DLR solo videos you've seen. It turns out that Angelus graduated from Darien High School back in 1973. I wonder if he was hot for any teachers there.

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    Hundreds Try But Fail To Make The Grade

    There were hundreds of people who tried out for a role in the "Hot For Teacher" video. Ultimately David Lee Roth and his partner Pete Angelus narrowed the cast of very interesting characters down to a little over 80.

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    Van Halen Shows Their School Some Class

    The video for "Hot For Teacher" was filmed at John Marshall High School in Los Angeles, CA. At the time the video was shot the school had been shut down due to insufficient funds. The band not only paid to rent the school for four days of filming but they also contributed money to the city to help get it reopened.

  • 4

    Waldo's Famous Voice

    If you've seen "Hot For Teacher" you know who sweet, sweet Waldo is. He's always nervous and his socks are too loose. What you may not know is that the voice of Waldo is from a then unknown Phil Hartman who went on to join the cast of Saturday Night Live.

  • 5

    Is That Really Wayne Gretzky's Wife?

    The teacher in the video was actually played by two different models. One was Donna Rupert and the other was Lillian Muller. If you were to search around the internet, however, you will find some websites claiming that the teacher was played by Janet Jones, the future wife of hockey star Wayne Gretzky. Not true. Those website get a big red "F".

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    The Members Of The Mini Van Halen Band

    Long before Mike Myers invented Mini-Me there were the little versions of David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony. They were played by children: Bill Bookmeyer (Dave), Brian Hitchcock (Eddie), Beto Lovato (Alex) and Yano Anaya (Michael). If the mini Michael looks familiar there's a reason. Anaya also played the role Grover Dill in the classic 1983 holiday movie "Christmas Story".

  • 7

    The Secret Blackboard Confession

    At around the three minute mark of the video you will see the teacher dancing on a desk. It's hard to NOT notice her. Behind her, however, is a blackboard with some numbers. Each of those numbers (20-9-8-19-25-12-15-8) correspond to a letter of the alphabet. After encoding the letters from right to left you will find it spells out two words: "HOLY SHIT". Now if we could just find out which devious little student wrote those numbers. Detention!

  • 8

    Diamond Dave's Dancers Had A Name

    Throughout the video you'll see David Lee Roth and the Van Halen band members putting on a not-so-well choreographed dance number. It's so bad it's great. The tacky tuxedo-wearing foursome were given the name "Dave and the Pips" by the band members themselves. Thankfully they didn't quit their day jobs.

  • 9

    Hot Rodding With The Devil

    At the very end of "Hot For Teacher" David Lee Roth pulls up to school in a bad-ass hot rod named "Tom's Tub Two". The owner of the car had no problem lending it to the band for the video but what he didn't expect was the burnout caught on camera. He was apparently a little burned up about that.

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