Look, I understand it's New England and it's going to snow, but don't you think enough is enough?!

The National Weather Service is calling for more freakin' snow this weekend which would start up on Saturday afternoon. The Danbury area could get 2 to 4 inches of accumulation. The following are some damn good reasons why I don't need any more measurable accumulation.

  1. More Snow Means, when I read the weather on the Ethan and Lou Show 400 times a morning, I begin to feel uncomfortable when I have to talk about the predictions regarding "how many inches" of snow we might get, Lou always makes a lewd comment. Gross!
  2. More Snow Means pretty soon I'll need to take out a loan to pay my plow guy.
  3. More Snow Means the possibility of staying overnight again in a hotel with Lou.
  4. More Snow Means if we're staying overnight in a hotel and the restaurant next door has karaoke, when I sing a tune everyone will walk away outside to smoke a cigarette and I'll be singing to the 73 year old guy who's asleep in his beer.
  5. More Snow Means that I'll have to hear Lou bitch and moan about why we have to show up to work when nobody else does.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I feel validated, vindicated, hyperstimulated, misappropriated, discombobulated, and polyunsaturated. This weekend couldn't have come soon enough!

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