I want you to read the following paragraph in Paul Stanley's voice:

Allright! I gotta tell ya somethin', people! You know, we coulda been playin anywhere in the world tonight people. We coulda been playin...the Taj Mahal....The Kremlin...The Great Pyramids of Egypt....But we wanted to rock with you right here tonight at Tuxedo Junction now people! Now here's Ace Frehley and Peter Criss!

That would have happened if Paul was the emcee that night in 1995 when Ace Frehley was joined on-stage by Peter Criss. We were going through the treasure-trove that is YouTube here at work and found some rare footage of that night.

Here's Ace and Peter ripping through "Strange Ways":

Someone else at the venue had a camera rolling that night too. Here, have another:

It was very rare to get these legends together after they left Kiss. Frehley's Comet recently played a couple of shows around the area. I think 2018 is the right time to make this happen again, am I right?

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