Every Tuesday on the Ethan and Lou Show, we are joined in studio by our friend Mike Allen.

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Mike is our former News Director who goes out into the community, does a deep research dive and brings that information to I-95 to present an amazing local story. The segment is called "The Place You Live" and once, he breaks from an individual story to play trivia with us, using his archives to quiz Ethan and I on the air, we fail horribly and everyone has a blast.

Today, for the first time I want to share one of these trivia games with you and allow you to answer the questions that we failed to this past Tuesday (8/18/21) on the Ethan and Lou show. This is Mystery History Trivia.

Mike Allen
Mike Allen

We thank Mike Allen for the game, without him we'd never have known that not only was Mary Elizabeth Dickens Danbury's First Librarian but also the cousin of famous author Charles Dickens. We learned a lot more:

  • Danbury's first newspaper The Farmers Journal was first published in 1790.
  • Those 19,000 cows CT have produce 440 million pounds of milk each year.
  • The Fats Domino concert was cancelled because at a prior concert, in CT, attendees got so excited that a near riot broke out.
  • Danbury and Ridgefield opposed Ridgebury because neither town wanted to lose the extra legislator that they got in Hartford’s general assembly.
  • Putney is located just south of the Merritt Parkway Bridge that crosses the Housatonic River

Don't miss "The Place You Live each Tuesday featuring Mike Allen on the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95.

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