According to the Huff Post, E-conolight (a lighting retailer) conducted a food study for 2020. They analyzed Google data to find each state's top comfort food for the year.

The science was simple, they first established a list of the 100 most common "comfort foods." From that list, they looked to see what recipes were searched most and Connecticut's top search was strawberry shortcake.

I realize 2020 had us all pretty twisted up inside, but this makes absolutely no sense. When I think of comfort food, my mind goes to french fries, burgers, pizza, chili and nachos. Not an extremely specific cake.

I grew up in a pretty complete household and my mom did it all. She cooked wonderful dishes from all different regions of the world, she baked and she created memorable holidays, leaving no detail aside.

I tell you this about my mom for a reason, not only have I never had strawberry shortcake but I've never seen one in person. No cake is that elusive, no cake can escape a person's line of sight for four decades if it is, indeed popular.

So, I have to ask, who juked the stats and to what end? What could a lighting retailer stand to gain from inflating the popularity of a cake? Why is a lighting retailer even conducting a food study?

My questions are extremely fair. What we are being presented on the surface seems harmless but it can't be. At the core of this is a devious agenda but I don't have enough imagination to attempt to guess what that agenda would be.

I swear to God, if you respond to this article by defending strawberry shortcake, I'm going to lose it. I'm going to say this, because sometimes I have to hold people's hands and drag them to the point.

I'm willing to do that today because I cannot allow there to be any confusion on what I am saying.

I'm sure strawberry shortcake is wonderful but I'm not buying that Connecticut residents googled the recipe for it as much as this study is saying.

You mean to tell me strawberry shortcake was Googled more than fried chicken, mashed potatoes or grilled cheese recipes? I refuse this as a factual option, it is not possible and it did not happen.

When a lie this massive is told so publicly, so brazenly, you are being called stupid. "They" think YOU are stupid. Not me man, I'm not going to hear of it.

I have the ability to honestly tell people what I do and do not know. I'd like to do that for you, right now and say two things.

I do not know what is behind this lie about strawberry shortcake being the #1 most Googled recipe of 2020.

I do know someone wants you and I to think strawberry shortcake was the most Googled comfort food of 2020.

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