According to the News Times, Michael Sherwood of Stratford was arrested Tuesday and charged with reckless burning and attempted reckless burning. 54-year-old Sherwood was taken into custody by Stratford Police in connection with two dumpster fires.

On June 14, firefighters responded to some reports and put out the two local fires. Police say Sherwood was actually seen acting suspiciously in the area of a third dumpster that night, but was not immediately taken into custody. After reviewing surveillance footage from one of the fires, authorities say they had the evidence to bring Sherwood in.

The man allegedly has a history with starting fires and was in fact charged with setting two fires in 2016. He eventually pleaded to guilty to lesser charges in that particular case.

Starting random fires throughout town is not the kind of thing that goes unnoticed and from what I've heard, it is very much frowned upon.

Maybe he's a Mets fan making an artistic statement about his favorite team or maybe he just has nothing better to do and should stop starting dangerous and costly fires.

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