Well, we love our pizza in New England topping the cities and states with the most searches for this American favorite if you will.

New England is home to Connecticut or New Haven-style pizza, the world-famous North End in Boston for its Italian restaurants and pizza, and of course, the other famous New England locale for Italian food including pizza in Rhode Island on Federal Hill in Providence.

Yes, Mainers love their pizza as do those in the Granite State. As a matter of fact who doesn't love pizza, right? But when it comes to googling pizza, the top five states in the country include three in New England. Meanwhile, the top five cities include four in New England.

According to data from Google Trends, Rhode Islanders are the #1 searchers in the United States when it comes to typing the word "pizza" into Google and seeing where it takes them.

Following the states of Ohio then Pennsylvania at #4 is Connecticut and rounding out the top 5 is Massachusetts.

New York style pizza slice

Are you ready for 2 more New England pizza fun facts?

According to WTNH-TV, Connecticut's #1 Google search overall is, you guessed it, pizza.

Meanwhile, Providence, New Bedford, Massachusetts, then Hartford, and New Haven, Connecticut are the cities Googling pizza the most in the country following Zanesville, Ohio which takes the #1 spot for metro areas searching pizza.

Now the #1 place googling pizza in the world isn't the United States though we proudly come in at #2.

According to WTNH-TV, it is a United States territory that googles pizza the most. That means Puerto Rico takes that world title so technically that means the US is #1 on the planet for loving our pizza searches.

Is anyone shocked New York isn't in the top 5?

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