You might call it a traveling adult candy store because it was filled up with THC laced lollypops, rock candy, and cookies.

Danielle Keith from Lewiston, Maine was minding her own business as the passenger in a car that was traveling, according to State Police, at 86mph.

According to a Facebook post from the Connecticut State Police, police pulled the car over for speeding on I-84 near exit 5. State Police searched the vehicle with the help of Officer K-9 Favor and discovered a large cache of drugs.

How large you ask? 400 grams of THC lollypops, 22 grams of THC rock candy, 300 grams of THC cookies, 94 grams of THC wax, and 13 grams of actual marijuana. That's how large!

Keith claimed ownership of the drugs and was taken into custody and charged with possession of a controlled substance. Her bail was set at $5,000 and she will answer to the charges when she appears in Danbury Superior Court on March 10.

I have questions. If you've got a candy store full of drugs in your Kia Optima, why are you driving 86mph in a 55mph zone? Where were these THC laced sweets headed and who were they being marketed for?

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