A third round of layoffs over the span of two years is coming very soon, to ESPN's headquarters in Connecticut.

In fact, The NY Daily News reports that it may happen as early as sometime this week. They say it will involve over 100 employees that work with the television and digital side of the business, this round of layoffs follows the 100 people that were laid off back in April. Supposedly, the people who work on SportsCenter will take a big hit when this happens, as it adds up to about $80 million cost savings for the company.

An ESPN worker told Sports Illustrated:

I imagine it will be like Dorothy walking outside after the twister to see what’s still standing.

Since October of 2015, the company has been downsizing starting back then with a cut of more than 300 workers. Sports Illustrated describes the reason for the layoffs as  changes in the way consumers watch sports. They say that is what's responsible for the need to pare down, as well as the loss of cable television subscribers, decreasing revenue overall.

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