A 43 Year-old Groton, CT man named Michael Marshall is due in court for an arraignment on November 13th.

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He's facing a charge of impersonating an officer after admitting to authorities he used police lights to get to work faster. According to WTNH, Marhsall was pulled over by a State Trooper on Friday October 27th on I-95 in East Haven, CT.

Multiple reports state the Trooper saw Marshall's black Dodge Challenger had after-market red & blue emergency lights on it. After the officer pulled Marshall over, authorities learned Marshall is not a police officer and his vehicle is not a police vehicle. Police say Marshall admitted he used the lights to make his commute go by faster.

Marshall was arrested, taken to Connecticut State Police Troop G, processed, charged and released on $5,000 bond. Micahel Marshall's vehicle was towed from the scene.

This guy. 

Look buddy, every guy on Earth wants to do this but we can't. I've had this conversation with myself many times, "NO, NO, you cannot be a cop today." You don't think I want to armor up, get in the whip, flip the lights on and start doing cop s---!?  At the end of the day, you need to weigh the pros and the cons and this is all cons pal.

This is why I think citizen patrols are a bad idea, one minute you have a regular guy and the next thing you know, he's cuffing a stranger, screaming "citizens arrest" and reading Miranda rights. You cannot give regular men even a whiff of authority because things go sideways.

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Aurora Photography

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