Don't drop those palm leaves and run to your local grocery store just yet. This is not a decree from The Holy Father eliminating the "no meat on Friday" tradition overall. There is a caveat.

According to a report on, the Archdiocese of Hartford has granted a special dispensation that will allow Catholics to maneuver around the common Lenten tradition of abstaining from eating meat on Friday, in order to enjoy the St. Patrick's Day tradition of eating corned beef.

The Archbishop suggests that you enjoy your corned beef on St. Patrick's Day Friday, but then abstain from eating meat either today or Saturday. We're familiar with this move, it's known as "the old switcheroo"

The earliest known instance of "The old switcheroo" happened in the old Popeye cartoons, when Whimpy declared, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"

Catholics, you now have the "okay" right from your leaders in the church to stuff your craw with delicious cow meat wrapped in cabbage and potatoes on St. Patrick's Day Friday, March 17, and you won't eternally burn.

Well, at least your soul won't. We can't guarantee your poor bowels will make it through unscathed.


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