"Missed Headlines" is a feature we do on the Ethan and Lou show every weekday morning at 6:45. It is often cited as a favorite segment from our listeners. We understand completely because it's without a doubt our favorite thing to do on the show. We take three funny stories from around the country that not everyone is talking about and give them the time they deserve.

The stories are usually about crimes that involve butt play, methamphetamine, and alcohol fueled domestic situations. Many of the stories come out of the great State of Florida -- Florida, you say?

Sometimes we mix in a survey or a FUN FACT. It is always a good time.

There are some days where we have too many stories. The segment only allows for three. When we have too many stories, we don't like to waste them. So here, this morning, we are sharing a BONUS round of Missed Headlines. Here we will discuss James Bond, Easter Eggs and Pimps and Ho's Enjoy!

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