On Wednesday (January 5) a video titled "DANBURY CT FIGHT NIGHT, LOCAL WRESTLING PRELIMINARIES 2021 NIGHT LIFE" was uploaded to Youtube.

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The video appeared on a Youtube channel called Mundo TV, and features two men engaged in a street fight. They are seen standing and wresting until the man in blue lifts up the individual in white, and body slams him to the ground. The man in white appears to be knocked unconscious from the drop and soon after, two other scuffles break out on either side of the first fight.

The video is just over :30 seconds and was posted with no description.

WARNING: The following video features violence and language. 

There is an individual wearing a shirt that says "SECURITY" on the back, who appears to watch the events play out at first before finally walking up toward one of the fights in the background. You can see the Danbury Ice Arena, so we know this happened in the parking lot across the street from the arena.

I sent the video to my contact, the the media relations officer from the Danbury Police Department and have requested comment. I asked if the DPD has an official comment, if they knew about the incident, if this situation is under investigation, and whether or not the DPD does regular patrols outside city night clubs. The department is very good about getting back to me in a timely fashion, and as soon as I hear back, I will update this story for you.

I've also reached out to the creator of Mundo TV for comment and asked if he was willing to make a comment on the fight. He replied by saying, "It was pretty much a battle of the exes, an open demonstration of what modern day toxic relationships look like. The girl said you're both rich, but he's richer." 

That was as specific as he could get, saying he did not know the participants of the fight or the people watching.

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