Stop putting your Christmas lights up so early! Isn't that what "they" always say?

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Every year around this time, there is a frustrated groan from some people who say others start the season too soon. The people complaining are in the minority here in Connecticut because a staggering number of Nutmeg State residents say they put their lights up before December 1st.

Bet Kentucky set out to see when people string their lights and inflate their Santas. Bet Kentucky and 3 Gem polled over 3,000 Americans, asking their decoration preferences and these were the key findings in Connecticut:

  • 60% of Connecticut residents typically put their Christmas lights up between November 1st - November 30th
  • 23% string their lights between November 16 - November 30th
  • 37% of Connecticut people put up their lights between November 1st and November 15th.
  • Between December 1st and December 15th, 20% hang their lights
  • 13% of people put their lights up between December 16th - December 24th (Christmas Eve)
  • 7% of rocket scientists put their lights up on Christmas Day (December 25th) or after
  • 0% said they don't put up decorations
  • 0% said they never take them down
  • 0% said they put their lights up before November 1st.
A beautiful Victorian style house and traditional barn decorated for Christmas.

We are the people everyone else is complaining about, Connecticut is the problem! That is what "they" will say but I don't think this premature celebration is a problem. I say we're just more festive, more in-tune with the season. We invented charm, we are the manufacturers of good vibes and we have all the feels.

Connecticut does not look like a postcard by accident, it takes work. Hallmark Channel does not shoot all their movies here for tax breaks, we just look better and have our s-- together.

Christmas Tree Lights

I know some will say anything before Thanksgiving is some sort of crime against the holidays but those people have not celebrated turkey day in a fully decorated Christmas wonderland. The first time you experience that is like the first time you heard Santa existed, it is magical.

I'm actually pro-Christmas decorations from November 1st - January 3rd. We need time to enjoy the magic. 60% before December 1st! I want to see that number in the 80's next year.

Holiday Christmas Tree Lights in the park
Kathy Byrd


3Gem conducted this survey on behalf of In total, 3,000 Americans over 21 were polled between the 31st October - 3rd November. Of those surveyed, 49% were male and 51% were female. The age breakdown of participants included in this survey was 20% in the range 21-34, 19% in the range 35-44, 19% in the range 44-54, 18% in the range 55-64, and 24% over 65+.

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