At 7:20pm, as Mindy and I were watching Netflix, she looks down at her ipad and informs me there's a tornado aimed at New Fairfield, Sherman, and Litchfield.

At 7:30pm, tornado warnings from WFSB-TV tracked the storm moving at 30mph from Hopewell Junction, NY and at the time, the sky in New Fairfield was covered with white fluffy clouds. EJ and I headed out to close car windows and the garage door just in case we might get socked.

EJ and I, because we're geeks, had gone outside to study the northern sky over Sherman and within 10 minutes the cloud cover had become eerily ominous as it turned quickly to a dark shade of black. Here's a short clip of what we saw between 7:45pm and 7:55pm.

I have never experienced the tremendous impact of a tornado and hope I never will. Overall it was a pretty cool experience to watch the weather change before your eyes almost instantaneously. The coolness ended abruptly when Mindy yelled from the front door screen, "What are you doing?!  Get in the house now before you get hurt!"

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