According to the News TimesSears is set to close down more than 140 of their stores following a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. It's actually a mix of Sears and Kmart closings  the company will roll out. The goal is to have the stores closed by the end of the year.

Will this mean that the Danbury Fair location is going away?

At the moment, no one seems to know, because Sears did not release the list of stores set for closure. The fate of other local Sears stores in Milford and Meriden also hang in the balance. No Sears stores in Connecticut are on the short list yet, however, the store in Mahopac on Route 6 is one that is slated to close. It has also been reported that some stores would not be on the closing list just yet and will remain open until after the holiday season.

This could be our last chance to go and get one of those amazing family photos. We have all done it at one time or another in our life. I say, it's time for one more for old time's sake. Let's get a massive group together, and we all wear the most hideous turtlenecks we can find and pretend to be a family. What could it cost? $100 bucks? It will be the best $100 bucks we have ever spent.

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