Just Jared put together a list of celebrities and how many sexual partners they have had, by their own admission. They must have had to comb through a pile of boring interviews and read a ton of bad books but the complete list is very interesting.

Two of the celebrities have provided answers that I am having a hard time with. One is Dustin Diamond AKA "Screech" from Saved By The Bell and the other is pop singer Mariah Carey.

Screech has said, on record that he has slept with over 2,000 women, Mariah Carey has apparently had 5 as of 2019. Let's start with Mariah and get that out of the way. She's a lady and I can't examine this too deeply and not "get in trouble."

I will say five is a number I have a hard time believing. I've heard at least six rap songs where people claim they have been with her. I don't believe everything I hear in rap songs but it is a starting point. The imagination can do the rest when taking into account that she has been famous thirty years and is very attractive.

As for Screech, I've met this guy and I'm here to tell you, he may have slept in a bed with over 2,000 stuffed animals in his life but having 2,000 plus sexual partners is not something I am going to just sit back and listen to.

When someone like him, tells you something like this, they are telling you, they think, you are stupid. Since Dustin made this claim in some public fashion, this means, he believes we are all stupid.

Who is more believable?

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