Since the Douglas Stoneman High School shootings, threats in Connecticut schools have skyrocketed.

Ask just about anyone and they will tell you that it's our government's responsibility to keep our kids safe, but it appears that it's getting harder to do because of the many threats that have surfaced. According to the Ridgefield Patch, the following are just some of those threats that have taken place at the following schools recently.

  1. New Milford - student tells teacher he/she has a weapon
  2. Fairfield Ludlowe High School - student threatened by another student from Southern CT State University
  3. Trumbull - 13-year-old threatens unspecified school and students
  4. Wallingford High School - threatening messages and yelling an alarming statement
  5. West Haven - student threatens school and students
Florida Town Of Parkland In Mourning, After Shooting At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Kills 17
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Here's some food for thought.  If it was up to you, what would you do to help stop the gun violence in schools throughout the United States?

  1. Would you arm the teachers?
  2. Would you outlaw weapons that are made to kill people during wartime?
  3. Would you place an armed service veteran in each school?
  4. Would you recommend that maybe it's time to restructure the Second Amendment
  5. Would you choose to do nothing and hope it doesn't happen again?

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