Bristol Public Schools ask all students using a Lenovo tablet to return them to the school after one of the students' tablets ignited, triggering a small fire.

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The student was riding in the car with his mom when the tablet burst into flames inside his backpack, which was sitting on the seat next to him, according to a WFSB YouTube video.

The Bristol Fire Marshall's office handled the investigation after the battery exploded and whether the computer was switched on at the time. School officials are asking parents to make sure their child's computer is turned off.

Superintendent Dr. Cathherine Carbone is asking parents to make sure their kids DO NOT use their tablet devices. Here is what she told

Until we are certain this is an isolated event, we are asking families to cease using the tablet device. All devices will be returned to the school until the district has an understanding of the malfunction.


Batteries in Lenovo Tablets use Lithium elements, according to the OSHA website. OSHA states that "While lithium batteries are normally safe, they may cause injury if they have design defects, are made of low-quality materials, are assembled incorrectly, are used or recharged improperly, or are damaged." 

Over the last fifteen years, there have been various Lenovo battery recalls. This headline is dated 2007 from the Gainsville Sun, 'Lenovo Recalls 100,000 Batteries'. This headline from is dated September 29, 2006, 'IBM & Lenovo Recall Over Half a Million Fire-Risk Laptop Batteries.'

The Bristol School District has contacted the manufacturer regarding the faulty battery and sent a letter home reminding parents that devices should be turned off and NOT charged.

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